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Who We Are

Who We Are

At IBI Beauty, we’re heading the practice of professional nail and beauty care.

With beauty accessories and experiences you love, we’re making high-quality pampering part of your daily routine.





Beauty begins with happiness

With trust comes true enjoyment. It’s our goal to bring you health and beauty that you believe in, and enjoy using.


Labels tell stories

Our ingredients are hand-selected and undergo rigorous testing. We only create proven safe formulas so you can be your most confident self.


Quality is a learned habit

Bringing you quality above all is first nature for us. And by streamlining the way we work, we keep our prices competitive.


Community matters

We’re always in the middle of a conversation, whether we’re sharing our latest news and learnings, or listening to your side of the story. We lead with transparency, and follow-up with every message.


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Lodi, NJ 07644
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